Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lodge Circumspect

Dear Readers,

Several days ago it came to my attention that what was formerly Lodge Circumspect of the "1613 Nation," had left that group, and is now an independent lodge of Women Freemasons.

It is sad, but inevitable, that when people see the truth behind an organization, those that respect honesty and transparency will feel the need to disassociate themselves from its practices.

According to WM June Lennon, after traveling to Belgium in an attempt to meet with members of 1613's supposed Loge Liberte Cherie, she was able to establish that what had been reported on many Masonic forums was true, namely that Liberte Cherie was fraudulent.

For those that read French, more about the bogus lodge can be found here:

While there is an attempt by the "1613 Nation" to claim that Lodge Circumspect is being reorganized within their group, the WM and her Sisters are in the process of continuing with the real work of Freemasonry in Lodge Circumspect, now minus the stigma of involvement with the 1613 crowd.

I wish them well in their efforts to get back on track as they practice the work of Freemasonry purged of the negative influence of the "Post-modern masonry" espoused by their previous associates.

At present, Lodge Circumspect's original website and blog are in the hands of the Grand Master of the 1613. The original Lodge Circumspect can be reached for the moment through their facebook page located here:!/group.php?gid=111260272241449

Again, I wish these Sisters well as they rebuild and recover from their trying, and disillusioning experience with the "1613 Nation".