Saturday, August 22, 2009

Change is a good thing

Dear Readers,

Since I last posted there have been changes in my Masonic life. If you are familiar with previous posts of mine then you are aware that I joined lodge Intrepid of the Grand Orient of the USA. At a later date there were some issues between the leadership of Lodge Intrepid and the governing body of the GOUSA.

As a result of this unfortunate conflict Lodge Intrepid demitted en masse from the GOUSA and decided to go it alone as an independent lodge. For many reasons, none of which I can discuss here, I have recently demitted from Lodge Intrepid and am now a member of Lodge New Isis of the George Washington Union.

I am looking forward to continuing my Masonic education within the Liberal, European Tradition which is now available to me in the GWU. I send my greetings to all fellow Masons in CLIPSAS, especially to my brothers and sisters in the Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Orient of France, the Grand Orient of the United States, and Le Droit Humain.