Saturday, August 22, 2009

Change is a good thing

Dear Readers,

Since I last posted there have been changes in my Masonic life. If you are familiar with previous posts of mine then you are aware that I joined lodge Intrepid of the Grand Orient of the USA. At a later date there were some issues between the leadership of Lodge Intrepid and the governing body of the GOUSA.

As a result of this unfortunate conflict Lodge Intrepid demitted en masse from the GOUSA and decided to go it alone as an independent lodge. For many reasons, none of which I can discuss here, I have recently demitted from Lodge Intrepid and am now a member of Lodge New Isis of the George Washington Union.

I am looking forward to continuing my Masonic education within the Liberal, European Tradition which is now available to me in the GWU. I send my greetings to all fellow Masons in CLIPSAS, especially to my brothers and sisters in the Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium, the Grand Orient of France, the Grand Orient of the United States, and Le Droit Humain.


Frater Raum Sariel 3° said...

Damn Peter,
Make up your mind.
Love and Light,

San Diego Freemason said...

Sometimes in life we take the wrong fork in the road. I realized my mistake and am now back on the right path. To err is human.


Frater Raum Sariel 3° said...

Tjis is your third obedience in one year. I am halfway expecting to come back here in a couple of months to fing you in the GL of California. Then 4 months later in PHA.

Love and Light,

San Diego Freemason said...

Ha ha ha ha...... Very funny Brother. GOUSA was the only other obedience that I belonged to. Intrepid is not (yet) an obedience, just an independent lodge. More likely that G.W. Bush will win the Nobel Peace Prize than my ever being in the GL of California.


Prexy said...
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Prexy said...

Ha! Well, Brother, I can tell you that as an overall institution you could do a whole lot worse in the mainstream than the Grand Lodge of California. As far as switching obediences, there is nothing wrong with sampling different dishes at the smorgasbord. What's important is to find what makes you happy and not settle for anything less. I am sure Brad would agree with those sentiments.

Frater Raum Sariel 3° said...

Scott, I would argue that there is a difference between "sampling" dishes and jumping from lodge to lodge, obedience to obedience due to extra finniky behaviour. Perhaps if things had come a little harder for Peter he would show some dedication?

That's IMHO anyway.

San Diego Freemason said...

Brother Prexy,

Please don't take my comment as a criticism of the GL of California. I know that there are many fine masons in that jurisdiction.

There is a difference of opinion regarding what Freemasonry is between the GL of California and the European jurisdictions.

The UGLE and the GL of California have recognized that women Freemasons do exist, and have had some contact with them.

I actually believe that over time, relations between "irregular lodges" and the mainstream will improve.

I only meant to say that at this time, where I am at philosophically, does not fit into where the GL of California is.


San Diego Freemason said...

Brother Raum,

Leaving one jurisdiction for another is hardly "jumping" from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Intrepid left the GOUSA, a Jurisdiction, and and I joined the GWU, a Jurisdiction.

As far as "a little harder", I contacted Intrepid in October 2007. I had my blindfold interview in April of 2008 and was initiated in September of the same year, five months later.

After that, though being only an EA, I was asked, and accepted the job of Secretary, which I did to the best of my ability.

I was scheduled to be passed in September 2009 in Intrepid but due to my convictions left and affiliated with New Isis.

I now have no idea when I will be passed, but even if I remain an EA for two years that is alright with me. I know the type of Freemasonry that I want.

Traditional, European Freemasonry. I am happy with the choice that I have made.

I am sorry that you have a problem with my choices.


Scott said...

Oh don't worry Peter, I don't take your comment as criticism. My intent was just to point out that as far as mainstream obediences go, the GL of CA is one of the more progressive as a whole.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

GWU is a fine Org adn finding harmony with one's masonic journey is all that matters.

We get to choose between McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Rally's, Jack In The Box, etc....
I have frequented all....

Masonry should not be different.
Best success Brother Pete.

San Diego Freemason said...

Thank you Brother 2 Bowl,

I agree with you completely. We all have to find where we belong and sometimes that involves a process.

Brother Scott,

Thank you, yes, the Grand Lodge of California is one of the more progressive GL's in the country.

Though they cannot sit in lodge with Liberal Freemasons, they at least are willing to talk with them. That is a good thing.

Frater Raum Sariel 3° said...

We shall see what will be Peter's next adventure.