Friday, October 17, 2008

Universal Freemasonry

This is my first attempt at establishing a blog and I am interested in seeing how it progresses. I am a member of Lodge Intrepid, Orient of Los Angeles. I am excited about the growth of Liberal, Progressive Freemasonry in the United States but at the same time I am concerned by the lack of such growth in the San Diego area. San Diego has such a rich and diverse cultural heritage with men and women from all over the world calling it home. We now, in the United States, have masculine, feminine and mixed Masonic obediences available for the first time. It is my sincere hope that these forms of Freemasonry will take root and grow in San Diego's rich and diverse soil. Below are several links to organizations that represent the European, Adogmatic Masonic tradition, I hope that any readers I may have find them useful. Articles in the coming months will address various Masonic topics. I look forward to any comments that readers may hope to post.


Magus Masonica said...

Congrats Brother,
Good luck to you and yours.

San Diego Freemason said...

Thank you Brother,

Your thoughts are appreciated


John Galt said...

Good to see you flying off at the keyboard Brother. Keep it up.


San Diego Freemason said...

Thank you Bother Brandt,

My best to you and the brothers at Euclid Lodge.